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Weeding Your Garden

The tender carrots, tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables and fruits were being over run by the multiple weeds. Plantain, grass, itch-weed and other plants were suffocating and out-competing them. If left unattended, my plants would suffer and so would my late summer harvest. The morning air was cool as I headed out to complete the task before the summer sun heated up the day.

I worked for about an hour before heading inside, but the result was certainly noticeable. I could now see rows of carrots and onions where there had been a carpet of weeds just moments before. There is still more to do. Daily and weekly effort is needed to stay on top of it. Along with weeding, there will be pruning, feeding, and watering. To keep the garden healthy, it takes a lot of effort.

Self-healing is lot like gardening. As we go through life, the pain, trauma, and emotional experiences build up. Just like the weeds, it takes effort to remove them. Otherwise, the weeds - the past wounds - start to take over and negatively affect our lives. They rob us of energy that could otherwise go towards the fruits we'd rather harvest: happiness, love, contentment, and growth.

What are you doing to tend your garden? How do you approach self-healing? How do you know it is being effective? I love to help people in their journeys through healing sessions and giving them tools to help them let go and "weed" their past trauma.

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